Sunranger Telescopic Umbrella – Open & Close Procedure

Sunranger Umbrellas are high quality commercial umbrellas designed to look great and offer years of reliable service. They use premium quality fabrics suitable for branding and are suited to commercial operators such as restaurants, resorts, cafes and anyone wanting an umbrella to promote their brand. This video gives shows how to open and close the Sunranger 3 metre Telescopic Umbrella.

“Sunranger” Cafe Umbrella 2.1 Square

The 2.1 metre square (7 foot) Sunranger umbrella is a hiqh quality commercial umbrella designed to be used in commercial situations such as cafe’s, restaurants and resorts. It is lightweight, robust and with a 15 Degree pitch is perfect to display branding or marketing messages on the canopy. Sunranger Umbrellas are a true commercial umbrella. They have easily interchangable parts, they are light-weight and very strong. They are built on a mimimilst architecture which reflects their modern streamlined style. You can be confident that when you purchase a Sunranger Umbrella, you’re investing in a sunshade which will last a lifetime.

Umbrella Base Safety Bulliten

Umbrella baseplate safety bulletin demonstrates the key safety features of the Sunranger Umbrella Baseplate over typical over baseplates. It explains why typical single bolt baseplates can be dangerous and why they are not suitable for commercial applications. Sunranger Umbrella baseplates have many safety features built in including double sides-crews, a safety locking pin, a facility for adding additional ballast with weight-plates and a method of easily moving the entire umbrella and base around.