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Known for manufacturing the finest bamboo parasols in the world, Bambrella has now moved into the the creation of state of the art Aluminium umbrellas. Shade Australia is very proud to introduce this product to Australia as The Hurricane Collection. The Bambrella Hurricane is quite possibly the most refined market umbrella available anywhere in the world. Every detail has been meticulously designed and executed resulting in an umbrella that creates a statement of style and luxury. Don’t think however that the Hurricane is just for show, a great deal of engineering has gone into every single component of the umbrella. In wind tunnel testing, the Hurricane withstood wind blasts of over 100km/h proving that it’s good looks are more than just skin deep. The design brief for the Hurricane was to create an umbrella range which maintained a minimilistic design, whilst creating an environment of understated luxury. Every single component in this umbrella reflects that initial brief from the thread used to sew up the premium fabrics used in the canopy to the highly polished interlocking profiles which both strengthen and beautify the ribs.


  • Suited for both commercial and domestic use
  • Premium Spuncrylic Canvas canopy
  • High UV Protection (UPF 50+)
  • UV stabilised sewing thread
  • High level of rain resistance
  • Custom extruded central mast
  • Structural Aluminium pole with a 3.5mm wall thickness
  • Silver industrial anodize coating
  • All the bolts and screws are stainless steel
  • 2 different finial options


The Hurricane is avalable in Australia in two shapes and six sizes. View product specifications here.

Hurricane Umbrella Shape + Sizes Summary Table

3.5m 4m 2.1m 2.6m 3m 3.4m
3.5m Octagonal 4m Octagonal 2.1 Square 3.6 Square 3.6 Square 3.6 Square

48mm dia pole


58mm dia pole


48mm dia pole


48mm dia pole


48mm dia pole


58mm dia pole

Note: To get full specifications download Hurricane Product Specifications Brochure Under the Brochures Tab at the top of the page.


Finished with Spuncrylic premium canvas, the Hurricane will provide an excellent UV protection (UPF 50+), it will also give a high level of rain resistance. Spuncrylic is a fabric especially designed for outdoor applications such as on awnings and umbrellas. The actual yarn is solution dyed meaning that the colour is embedded down to the core of the material as opposed to simply being dip-dyed which will fade. View the attached brochure under the brochures tab.

All canopies are sewn on industrial overlocker machines using a specially selected UV stabilised sewing thread. Although it might go unnoticed to the normal eye, it is details such as the careful selection of the highest quality threads and equipment which goes toward the creation of this world class umbrella. The end result – longevity, performance and great looks.

Fabric Colours

The Hurricane is avalable for immediate order in the following range of contemporary colours colours (stock on hand permitting). The fabric is Spuncrylic Canvas known for its durable properties.

Black Spuncrylic Colours Harvest Wheat Spuncrylic Colours Hurricane Pacific Blue Spruncrylic Colours White Spuncrylic Fabric
Black  Harvest Wheat Pacific Blue  White

Other colours are available by request – see ‘Special Orders’ below.


We can screen-print your logo onto your umbrella canopy. Each screen-print job has to be quoted on an individual basis. We need to know how many panels you need printed, how many colours in your logo and the quantity of umbrellas you need printed. We can assist you with the artwork and we will provide you with a final mock-up of how your printed umbrellas will look along with a written quotation. If you’d like to get a quotation on a printed order please contact our office on Free Call 1800 155 233.


Special Orders

We know our customers have unique requirements and that’s why we’ve opened up our Special Order Colour Range. Canopies made from these colours are made-to-order and the price will vary from the standard fabric colours. There will also be a lead-time. Price, availability and lead time are all individually calculated.  If you’d like to get a quotation on a Special Colour, please contact our office on Free Call 1800 155 233.  


Frame Details

One of the most impressive features of the Hurricane is the custom extruded central mast. Four inset gussets around the perimeter of the mast add both style and strength. The mast is made from structural aluminium with a 3.5mm wall thickness.  It is finished with a silver industrial anodize coating. For additional strength and stability there are structural inserts positioned strategically throughout the mast and ribs of the umbrella to stiffen and strengthen the overall frame.

The wind test video shown above was conducted under university conditions and it shows that the Hurricane has been tested to winds in excess of 100 km/h. Although we do not recommend or warrant the umbrella for use under such extreme weather condtions, it is a clear demonstration of how well this umbrella has been engineered.

One of the unique design features of the Hurricane is the bright mirror finish trim sections slotted into the underside of each arm rib. Not only does this stiffen the ribs adding great strength, it also creates a beautiful look and finish to the underside of the umbrella.

A finial is the finishing crown of an umbrella. The Hurricane has 2 finials to choose from, it comes standard with the 3D stylised oval finial. Customers can upgrade to the Yacht Finial for that extra flare.

Hurricane Umbrella Finials


All the bolts and screws are stainless steel. The exposed fittings are 316 grade and the underside fittings are 304 stainless steel.

The central runner and top hub are made from glass-impregnated nylon. This gives great strength whilst maintaining a smooth operational action.


An umbrella of this size and strength must be installed with a stable base system. There are multipe options available depending on the loaction and customers requirements. Sunranger Umbrella bases are a strong and stable option if the umbrella needs to be moveable. Additional weight plates can be added to these baseplates to increase stability. Granite baseplates are more suited to domestic applications where the base is not regularly moved. Inground removable or permenant bases are ideal for commercial applications.